Daren Pritchard is a performance artist, researcher and LGBT rights & body image awareness activist based in London, specialising in combining contemporary art and the avant-garde with elements of theatre. His work mostly explores identity, driven by research and personal experience. This is presented across multiple platforms including live performance, photography, music and video art.


Forever welcoming the unconventional, Daren's passion in devising experimental performance has always taken the frontline. He fuses pop music lip-syncs with spoken word, movement and bold visuals to create one-man performance pieces that are camp and comedic, yet dark, gothic and raunchy. Inspired by pop culture, his work is motivated by personal opinions and experiences, developed through research. He produces thought-provoking pieces that maintain elements of ambiguity, whilst raising questions and pushing limits in a rebellion against the social norm, to celebrate the alternative. Thematically, his work is strongly centred around identity & relationships - particularly featuring sexuality, gender and male body image. His desire is to create striking performance installations with a strong aesthetic, constructed by meticulous layers involving text, music, voice and movement.

Since his sold-out debut performance 'In Bad Taste', and follow-up 'The Devil In Me' in 2015, Daren has enjoyed success across LGBT media for body image awareness and LGBT rights. This includes modelling for MEAT magazine, Above The Sheets, features in Attitude, Prancing Through Life & Jack The Lad as well as his shows being featured in Boyz magazine. Daren also took part in Stuart Hatton's (Mr Gay UK/World) 'So What' campaign to raise awareness of homophobia. He recently wrote an article about gender identity for The Independent. He frequently performs gigs around London, including Under Construction at The Royal Vauxhall Tavern and for World AIDs Day.


Previously, Daren has collaborated with Jacek Ludwig Scarso's Elastic Theatre as a model in his 'Character Portrait Series' and in the video art piece 'The Guardians'. He worked as an actor on the production of 'Les Liaisons' (an adaptation of 'Dangerous Liaisons') at Jacksons Lane Theatre and in a 4-star production of 'The Suicide' at The Hen & Chickens Theatre. Daren also co-found Hidden Agenda, an experimental collaboration with fellow artist Amanda Lowe - producing two shows and multiple workshops following their university graduation in 2013.