SUNDAY 12 APRIL 2015, 7PM.





Based on a piece he started writing over two years ago, 'In Bad Taste' served as Daren's sold out debut solo performance. It followed a young male, fresh out of a relationship and finding empowerment in his promiscuity, whilst highlighting the effects of the judgemental attitude towards men who do not fit the muscular 'adonis' ideal. The piece was performed to an hour long track which provided voiceovers, Grindr messages and lip-syncs to male versions of Madonna, Britney and FKA Twigs - amongst others. He bombarded the audience with a wall covered in images of hunky, muscular men, and was even joined in the space by a model throughout - who's only purpose was to serve as a distracting set piece. Scenes included sharing date stories with the audience, binge-eating at a buffet table, making an outfit with the infamous Kate Moss quote scrawled upon it, and stripping in an attempt to seduce, but also to mock. 'In Bad Taste' received a four star review, and has allowed Daren to continue to shape his style of performance.


Review: Terry Eastham


Upon waking from his first one night stand, a recently single young gay man finds empowerment in his new sexual confidence. He revels in the variety of guys available, but soon discovers a disposable nature to men and faces constant judgement. Desperate for validation, he thrives off the attention and finds his self-image at steak. Or well, at stake.


'Seducing a man is a piece of cake'


Drag without the wigs & dresses, cabaret without the endless singing and a play without total realism - ’In Bad Taste’ is the debut performance by Daren Pritchard. Exploring sexuality & body image, it’s a one-man theatrically-infused performance art piece that is dark, raunchy and mocks vanity. Littered with pop culture references, the piece combines bold visuals, spoken word and contemporary choreography.


'Help yourself to a slice...'